I’m pleased you’ve stopped by.

This is my website but I am not alone here. I’ve been joined by many friends and colleagues, some old and some new. The website, which is not commercial, nor an organisation, started in 2002, before social networking sites like Facebook had arrived. We had two aims:

  • To celebrate and remember the men who danced on stage and screen in the mid and late 20th century.
  • And to now champion and encourage athletic, physical performance by older men – dancers or actors – in theatre, television or film.

Athletic performance? That means dancing your butt off. Or running around the stage as you say your lines.

The website creed remains:

No dancer or actor is too old to:
run, jump or leap!

And no man or woman is too old to:
begin; continue; or come-back
…in the performing arts.

The website newsletter, Performing Warriors , is a meeting place for professional performers of both sexes and all ages. And a small group of non-performers too – we are not a ghetto!

The website originally focused mainly on men and still does to a large extent. We are under represented in certain parts of the performing arts; dance, being one. But we welcome women here, and I’m glad to say the whiff of testosterone has not discouraged many from jumping onto the Men Who Danced stage.

The site now contains the words of many former and current performers. Some of us are old friends reunited; many of us newly acquainted. With recollections of performing in everything from Hollywood movies to classical ballet; from the razzmatazz of Las Vegas shows to dancing in opera or playing Shakespeare – we hope a small part of the back stage camaraderie has been rekindled here, online.

We embrace all forms of physical theatre. Not just dance.

And writing as someone who’s had a career as both an actor and dancer,I’m keen for more actors to join the list.

Aims for the future:

We would like to see more opportunities for older artistes to perform in an athletic manner on stage or screen. We believe it is important, whether you are young or old, to fight the negative image the media often portray of the aging man or woman. Nobody wants to play Romeo at 50! Nor Juliet at 65! But neither should we all be confined to the token ancient in a cardigan who just manages to shuffle his feet.

We do not all become untrained, overweight, under exercised couch potatoes as we age.

It is time to glorify and celebrate the older athletic performer. We see too little of them in theatre, television and films!

On This Web Site:

When we went ‘live’ in 2002 these words were written:

…Choosing to dance for a boy requires bravery and the attitude of a rebel, in a way that kicking a football never does. Because of this, this site is for guys. For a small group of professionals. All with diverse techniques. Talented and gifted enough to be paid to perform…

As written above, we have happily been joined by some talented women since then. I hope you enjoy the site. And feedback is always welcome, whether you are a professional performer or not.

Thanks for reading this far.

Rodford Barrat