Following the recent death in September, 2004, of Miss Bluebell (Margaret Kelly), creator of The Bluebell Girls of Le Lido de Paris fame: a reunion is being planned to be held in Las Vegas in December, 2005, for all dancers who worked for her in many countries around the world.

This includes not only the Bluebells who appeared in Paris at the Lido; in Barcelona at La Scala; in Las Vegas at the Stardust; but the many Blubell Girls who appeared in other cities in Europe, Asia and throughout the world.

It also includes all the boy dancers who worked for her in different productions around the world, and dancers who appeared for her under different names from the Bluebells – such as the MGM Girls and the MGM Men in Hallelujah Hollywood in Las Vegas, and Hello Hollywood Hello in Reno.

LIZ ELLIOTT LIEBERMAN in Las Vegas is co-ordinating the reunion; a website is being planned and will be announced on this page when it’s live. Liz is currently being helped by ROSITA KORDA, ROBIN TEGANO and MAUREEN OWEN in all the preparations.

Liz would very much like anyone who is interested to contact her for more information; her e-mail is:

[email protected]

Liz will send you all the details of what promises to be a major celebration of the life and times of Miss Bluebell and a wonderful reunion of her former dancers,

And unlike the old days (if you find age has shrunken you) there is no minimum height requirement!