American actress Cameron Diaz has opened up about being a new mother during lockdown in a rare social media appearance.

Ms Diaz, 47, recently gave birth to Raddix and says she has been enjoying spending time with her daughter at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Holiday star said she was “loving every minute” of being with her three-month-old baby and paid tribute to her “amazing” husband Benji Madden.

Appearing on Who What Wear CEO Katherine Power’s Instagram Live, Ms Diaz said: “I’ve kinda been living a quarantine life anyhow because I have a three-month-old, three-and-a-half month.

“So my life has been completely quiet and still for the last few months.

“But I was able to have my friends over all the time. And now I just don’t see anybody.”

Ms Diaz, who made her debut in the comedy film The Mask starring Jim Carey, said the lockdown had not been bothering her thus far.

She added: “[…] It’s nice, and I love a bubble and being in the womb of my home with my husband and cooking.

“But at the same time it’s crazy that you can’t go out to the world right now.”

The former model tends to stay away from the social media limelight and rarely posts on her own accounts but appeared happy to talk about motherhood.

“I love being a mother. It’s the best, best, best part of my life,” said Ms Diaz.

“I’m so grateful and so happy and it’s the best thing ever and I’m so lucky to do it with Benj and we’re having the best time. I’m thrilled. I can’t believe it.”

In addition to motherhood, Ms Diaz said she had been keeping herself occupied by cooking and watching TV shows.

“He [Benji Madden] puts her down and I go into the kitchen and I pour myself a nice glass of red wine. I start my cooking, I put on my show, whatever it is.

“He’s such an amazing father. I’m so lucky he’s my baby’s father. He’s incredible.”


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