The following men (see their entries in the Old Boys’ List) are currently engaged in:

Eric Brandt Nielsen is currently Professor/Director of Dance at Valdosta State University, Georgia and Resident Director: Lake Region Summer Theatre, New Hampshire.

Ivor Jones is currently directing and managing the production ‘ODYSSEY’ at Sun City, South Africa.

Jeremy Allen is currently performing/teaching with The Israel Ballet.

Joe Tremaine is the owner of Tremaine National Dance Conventions and Competitions (minimum 25 cities a year serving 40,000 dancers).

Joseph Savino is currently performing/teaching in Mexico.

Kevin Richmond is currently Ballet Master with the Basel Ballet in Switzerland.

Kilian O’Callaghan is currently teaching in New Zealand.

Leon Draper is currently teaching in New Zealand.

Michael Reardon is currently, Head of Dance at the Vienna Musical School in Vienna, Austria.

Randy Doney is currently appearing in “The Palm Springs Follies”, Palm Springs, California, USA.