Newsletter Quotes: March 2006

From: “David Wright,dancer, dies 17th March, 2006”
David Wright had a career that stretched from the West End stage to the biggest show in Las Vegas in its time: Hallelujah Hollywood! in the 1970s. Many people contributed words on David in the newsletter; here are a few excerpts:

JOCELYN CASSIA in Newcastle, England:
The lovely David Wright I knew at the Casino de Paris (in Paris) in the sixties – well, I am truly so so sad he was such a lovely gentle person…

…I have such great memories of him both in London and in Hello Hollywood Hello in Reno.

ADRIAN LE PELTIER in Ocee, Florida, USA:
…Then there was the life of his youth that he lived with such a wonderful abandon and dare the devil attitude. Handsome, handsome, handsome with the most compelling blue eyes. Always loving, caring and concerned about others but very passionate about his beliefs. In his gentleness there was a strength and firmness…

Other contributors included: Cindy Goldenberg in Laguna Niguel; Hans Suderee in Amsterdam; Leon Draper in Auckland; Rosita Korda in Reno; Alex Poor in Perth and Jeffrey Scott Adair in Redwood City.