RODFORD BARRAT writing in reply, 2010

Larry’s words bring up many questions but this one sentence strikes a chord:

“…the guys out there in the stands, guzzling beer, painting their faces and whooping it up….”

The guys out there in the stands, it is often forgotten, are not the players.

The vast majority of men, of any age, are sports spectators. They sit. They watch. They do not play. This no more makes you a footballer than dancing at a party or a club at the weekend makes you a dancer. But being only an enthusiastic supporter, apparently helps many guys feel they themselves possess the attributes they see on the field of play: strength, skill, power. Attributes that are also developed in dance, especially classical ballet.

The professional players on the field (because usually it’ll be a team game) have far more in common with professional dancers than any supporter in the stands. Dancers and athletes train. And daily. Some male supporters guzzling beer may think it is unmanly to leap to music, but then, they usually don’t know how to leap.