Where are they?
The men and women we danced with?
If you are an old boy or girl, say “hi” to a former colleague or dance partner that you have lost touch with.
Contact me with their name; company/show they appeared in; and the year – if you can remember it!

Whatever happened to…?

Eric Brown
American dancer, appeared in ‘Grand Jeu’ at the Lido in Paris in the 1970s.
Wanting to know is Michael Ingleton.
Contact Michael at: [email protected]

Carl Andry
American dancer, appeared in ‘Allez Lido’ at the Lido de Paris in the early 80s.
Wanting to know is Ivor Jones.
Contact Ivor at: [email protected]

Larry Merritt
American dancer and assistant to Bob Turk for an Ice Capades and Lido de Paris production.
Wanting to know is Bob Turk.
Contact Bob at: [email protected]

Members of Ballet Rambert 1962-64
Ariette and John Taylor
John Charlesworth
Norman Morris
John Bannerman
Lucette Aldous
Peter Curtis
Wanting to know is Leon Draper
Contact Leon at: [email protected]

Victor Duret
Canadian dancer who danced in London
Wanting to know is Ian Robertson
Contact Ian at: [email protected]

Maxine Cunliffe
in Biondissima Mente Tua, Italy, 1974/5?
Wanting to know are former colleagues:
e-mail: [email protected]

Richard (Dickie) Garner
This artist died in 1991; he danced in the West End 1950/60s: Aladdin; West Side Story; British TV with Tom Jones and Cilla Black; films included: Dr. Doolittle and Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang!. His nephew, who is compiling a family history, would like to hear from any former colleagues who danced with him.
e-mail: [email protected]

Sandra (Zara) Marshall
who appeared in the 1960s on British TVs
The Billy Cotton Band Show
Wanting to know is former colleague:
e-mail: [email protected]

Nicolas Darvas
Dancer; Trader and Investor; Author of How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market and Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas. If anyone has information on his dancing/theatrical careeer (he danced in a nightclub act with his sister in the 1950s which is mentioned in his books but otherwise appears to be unrecorded) we would be interested to hear any details about it; or if anyone remembers seeing him perform?
e-mail: [email protected]

And we would like to thank, Luc Secret, in Belgium, for forwarding some interesting, and hard to find, information on Nicolas Darvas’s performing career. Thanks, Luc.

Allan Weeks
Martin “Marty” Ross
Both appeared in Hallelujah Hollywood!
at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas.
Wanting to know is former colleague:
e-mail: [email protected]

Any dancers in Hallo Dolly starring Marika Rokk
at Theater des Westens, Berlin in 1973
wanting to know is Simon Barrat
e-mail: [email protected]